Incinery – Dead, Bound and Buried

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On 27 October 2014
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Thrash in it's finery , frantic and fearsome! A must own addition to any audio library

Dead Bound and Buried ArtworkIncinery have finally bitten the debut album cherry, with Dead, bound and buried , earmarked  shortly for release on November 7th 2014 with the occasion being  celebrated with an album launch party featuring In the Line of Fire and Balls Deep .The band have earned bragging rights after playing both Bloodstock,a little festival called Download and announced a slot at Hammerfest 2015. They have even had enough time to tart it about their hometown of Nottingham generating a fiercely loyal following. The album follows the EP’s Dawn of War, unleashed way back in 2011 and Nothing Left, released  March 2013. Both releases received lots of positive feedback ,giving this debut album a lot of build up with the sneaky early release of appetizer track  Silent Supremacy.The album was recorded with Chris Tsangarides, responsible for iconic releases from  Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Exodus, and Thin Lizzy. Can it live up to the hype? Only one way to find out!

Dead, Bound and Buried starts by gently teasing the listener with an atmospheric  instrumental intro just over a minute in duration. Strange Aeons is quite clearly a breather before the imminent chaos. Halfway through guitars cut the tension as the melody reaches a climax and there’s a peak as the track pelts head first like a twisted thrash rollercoaster into the second track Death May Die in which lead singer James Rawlings immediately takes control of the ride, lending his frantic chants over a complex mix of drum rolls and  brutal guitars. Death May Die sets the pace for the album which hurtles with relentless velocity through tracks Tragedy of One, Destroy the Gods, Edifice of Ruin , Lesser Instincts of Nature, His Dark Materials ,and  The Madman’s Tale. Deceiver features some very fine fretwork by guitarists Chris Kenny and Jason Chaikeawrung with a determined Ste Dudley battling it out on the skins not to be outdone by his bandmates.

The album reaches its pinnacle with the title track which portrays a fine example of  who Incinery are . The sense of the album winding down is apparent , finishing with a sample of rain signifying the end of the=is Incinery experience. The ambient noise effect is a message that the band can take you from tranquil calm to aggressively brutal insanity and then at the end return you to the start where it all began. This is Incinery’s true power. The album is a fantastic example of thrash and how it should be. Rip-roaring and  unmerciless; each track has been painstakingly crafted over the half a decade since its conception. Dead. Bound and Buried is a sterling debut untainted by rushed or half-hearted gestures.



1 With strange aeons

2 death may die

3 Deceiver

4 Tragedy of one

5 Destroy the gods

6 Eddifice of ruin

7 Lesser instincts of our nature

8 His dark moments

9 The madman’s tale

10 Silent supremacy

11 Dead bound and buried

Thrash in it's finery , frantic and fearsome! A must own addition to any audio library

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