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Vicious Nature

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On 11 May 2024
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Vicious Nature gnash their teeth resulting in their raging new EP, Shadowlands.

Welcome back to Midlands based thrashers Vicious Nature. Their title lives up to its name throughout their new five track EP Shadowlands, independently released on May 10th, 2024, on the same day as heading off to play European dates in Poland, Belgium and Germany.

Opening track ‘And So It Begins’ is an instrumental, opening on an ambient sway that heads of into a pummel of earthshaking drums, bass and guitar driven dirge.

‘Darkest Desires’ is all potent, proto skin flaying thrash metal that flies off the starting blocks with urgency, pinned down by a watertight rhythm section of rib rattling bass, snappy snare overload, a broken glass chewed lead vocal, ending on a full on stomp.

‘Shadowlands’ has a growling bass and sublime guitar intro that muscles up for a belligerent thrashtastic pit opening prowess of hypnotic grooves and orchestral tinges.

Another blood, sweat and tears headbanger comes from ‘Sanctuary Of Souls’ that takes no prisoners as it roars with endless vigour for the heaviest track on the EP, slightly going down the gears throughout the chilling choruses.

This formidable EP seems to end so quickly as it closes with the temperature rising ‘Fever’, igniting an overwhelming barrage of doom laden riffs that writhes and churns around a piss and vinegar delivered, vociferous lead vocal.

Vicious Nature band info :-

Vicious Nature band personnel :-

Andy Southwell – Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Declan Parry – Bass Guitar.

JB Brown – Drums.

Matt Gore – Lead Vocals.

Vicious Nature were formed in 2012 from the ashes of Martial Law, Cerebral Fix and Cloven Hoof.

Vicious Nature gnash their teeth resulting in their raging new EP, Shadowlands.

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