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On 18 October 2018
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Epic does not even come close




In The Woods re emerge with their latest album ‘Cease The Day’, a progressive masterpiece

It’s reasonably well documented that since the bands 2016 offering ‘Pure’, waters have not exactly run smoothly within the fold, indeed I did actually wonder if any new material would surface at all. However, that elusive spark was found, the band reignites, and here we stand, braced for another round of majestic and awe inspiring music to be unleashed upon the world

Beginning with the wonderfully dark ‘Empty Streets’, a song that builds in magnitude following the intro lyric “life’s embers floating on the breeze…” against a forest noise backdrop. Doom paced riffs abound as the track dips and weaves through a myriad of musical landscapes, beautifully underpinned by James Fogarty’s impressive vocal range. In The Woods seem to have come out with all guns blazing on this record, with never a dull ‘filler’ moment to be seen or indeed heard. Each (lengthy) track seems to flow with ease into the next, whilst maintaining an obvious air of individuality , ’Substance Vortex’ with its melodic and soaring lead guitar work, the amazingly atmospheric leanings of ’Respect My Solitude’ that genuinely moved me, all designed to stimulate the senses and constructed with complete and utter pinpoint focus.

A gleefully impossible album to pin down to a specific genre but succeeding in ticking many boxes. Yes we have Doom, yes we have Prog and Death but we also have some annoyingly catchy and melodic moments, all complimenting each other rather than clashing, the incredibly epic ’Still Yearning’ perhaps showcasing the full repertoire as well as any track on show, a faultless eight minutes plus of sonic excellence

I guess all bands say that their latest album is their best ever but with ’Cease The Day’, In The Woods have surely created the cake topping album of their career to date, an amazing journey from start to finish, and what a finish it is, the whirlwind faux live vibe of ’Transcending Yesterdays’ the perfect end to a momentous album that deserves every accolade it receives


Recommended Track – Still Yearning

Track List,

1 Empty Streets
2 Substance Vortex
3 Respect My Solitude
4 Cloud Seeder
5 Still Yearning
6 Strike Up With The Dawn
7 Transcending Yesterdays
8 Cease The Day


Band Line Up,

Anders Kobro – Drums
Bernt Sorensen – Guitar and Melodies
James Fogarty – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Kare Sletteberg – Acoustic and Lead Guitar on track 2

‘Cease The Day’ is released through Debemur Morti Productions on November the 23rd


Epic does not even come close

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