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On 22 January 2019
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A stunning follow up to 2017's debut




Illimitable Dolor return with ‘Leaden Light’, the follow up album to their stunning self titled debut offering from 2017


When I first came across this band in 2017, I was completely blown away. The debut album was produced with such depth of feeling and emotion ( all based around genuine feelings of personal loss), that I came to the conclusion that it could and would not be bettered. However, not only have the band surpassed their previous work, it now sits on a completely different level


‘Leaden Light’ is one of those albums that just cocoons you, wrapping you up in its incredible intensity and depth. As with any Atmospheric Doom album, core values are evident, be it the funereal riffs, the tortured vocal or the soaring keys, all are here in abundance. What sets Illimitable Dolor apart from many of the bands in the sub genre however is the delivery. Every single track on this record screams passion at you through the speakers, not once do you perceive anything less than total commitment and belief in what the band are aiming to achieve. ’Leaden Light Her Coils’, which I guess we can call the title track is just thirteen minutes plus of musical beauty, its sorrowful piano intro gently fading into a dismal landscape of loss and heartbreak. ’Armed He Brings The Dawn’, whilst equally as depressive, is a much darker piece of music, the guitars ever increasing melancholic tones constantly drawing you in.’2.12.14’, whilst overflowing with sadness and loss, was strangely uplifting and empowering, serving as a great way to close this musical adventure


As a devoted follower of Atmospheric Doom, I had been eagerly awaiting this album for a long time. ’Leaden Light’ totally fulfilled my expectations and more, if this is what we can expect from Illimitable Dolor in future years then they surely will become one of the most respected bands in the genre

Recommended Track – Soil She Bears

Track Listing;
1. Armed He Brings The Dawn
2. Soil She Bears
3. Horses Pale And Four
4. Leaden Light Her Coils
5. 2.12.14

Album line up –
Stuart Prickett – Guitars, Vocals (The Slow Death, Horrisonous)
Yonn McLaughlin – Drums, Vocals (The Slow Death, Nazxul)
Dan Garcia – Bass (The Slow Death)
Guy Moore – Keyboards (ex-Elysium)

The album sees its release via Transcending Obscurity Records on the 20th of March


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A stunning follow up to 2017's debut

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