Iconic Eye Release New Single

We are pleased to release on behalf of Iconic Eye the wonderful cover of the Python Lee Jackson classic “In A Broken Dream”

Greg Dean Said ” When we recorded our current album “Hidden in Plain Sight”, we realised that we are a new band and that people would need a cover song so that they could work out if they wanted to hear more; and to allow us to appeal to mainstream radio which may then lead to a bigger impact on the market.

Our singer, Tim, joined the band part way through the recording and this song was his suggestion. “In a Broken Dream”, by Python Lee Jackson is an epic cross-over song, and was also covered by Thunder; so the pedigree of the song is a given”.

Tim felt that this song gave a great opportunity to show off all aspects of the band but in particular his voice, which after all is what attracts people to want to hear more. It has turned out to be a favourite live and we hope that its release on Monday 4th July  allows the band to attract many new listeners.
You can buy the single on iTunes or if you prefer a physical copy of the album it is available here: http://www.iconiceyemusic.com/store1/

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