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Iconic Eye

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On 28 December 2020
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Five solar powered tracks turn up the heat.

Midlands based Iconic Eye return with a brand new five track EP titled Back From Behind The Sun and back with a new lead singer Janey Smith. Released on December 4th 2020, the band came to my attention from fan Robert Dyer who I’m very greatful to.

The title track has a feel good vibe from the off, all melody with muscle that positively glows with confidence, especially from the high pitched lead vocals and full band outro.

The ace in the pack here is their cover of ‘Jane’ by Jefferson Starship and they have put a heavier edge on the single that I bought back in the day. Riffs are hard as nails, the lead guitar solo is incendiary and the icing on the cake is a histrionic lead vocal that captures the vibe of the original.

‘Ghost Town’ is drum driven classy sassy AOR with instantly ear soothing choruses and a guitar overload outro that will keep the air guitarists busy. ‘Have My Day’ is the heaviest song here as well as being my favourite and they pound it out with aplomb. Everything is turned up to eleven as an earworm guitar intro sets the song up for a thrilling spotlight stealing performance.

This highly impressive EP ends far too soon on ‘Femme Fatale’ with some sturdy riffing and a gritty lead vocal to add more menace. A snare driven outro backed by a full on band vocal is a fitting climax.

Back From Behind The Sun EP track listing :-

Back From Behind The Sun.

Jane (Jefferson Starship cover).

Ghost Town.

Have My Day.

Femme Fatale.

Iconic Eye line up :-

Janey Smith – Lead Vocal.

Greg Dean – Guitar/Keyboards.

Neil Hackett – Lead Guitar.

Michael Dagnell – Bass Guitar.

Jon Cooksey – Drums.

Band links :- http://www.iconiceyemusic.com/

Five solar powered tracks turn up the heat.

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