Pitching Slayer and Pantera against Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, HELLDOWN are here to shatter your world with their stunning blend of original thrash groove metal. The burly riff maestros have just released their vicious new single, Embers. Watch the video, here – https://youtu.be/ug_zYj0nsq0

Hailing from Swansea, Wales, and originally born in 2013, the commanding foursome consist of siblings Ben and Matthew Evans (respective Bassist/Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist), Ross Thomas (Drums) and Lewis Larkman (Lead Guitarist). The band’s self-titled EP landed in 2016, and was followed by 2017’s single, The Watchers. Both releases paved the way for the groove metallers, helping the quartet to reach a wider audience. Live performances with the likes of Phil Campbell, Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Acid Reign, Triaxis, Malignancy and Anti-Clone, also greatly assisted in increasing HELLDOWN’s growing stock. The thrash-heads ploughed on even further with the launch of 2020’s In Deaths Hands, with the EP commanding widespread attention from Powerplay Magazine, Moshville, and Maximum Volume Music and strong radio support from Total Rock, as well as a feature interview with Metal Hammer.

HELLDOWN return to the fold with a slamming new single, Embers. This immensely powerful slab of thunderous metal immediately grapples with your aural senses, as it ferociously bursts through the speakers with pulsating beats, cut-throat riffery, and guttural vocals. The band remark about the formation of the single: “Initial writing started during the lockdowns. Once everything eased, the band could finally get back together and continue the writing process fueled by new influences, which sparked fresh ideas. The current world climate gave us the concept, and when we delved deeper, the idea came through lyrically.”

Further recorded material is in the works, and aided by a flourishing live status, reinforced by the group’s partnership with High Tide Booking Agency, there’s no limit for HELLDOWN.





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