HeLL PuPPeTs – From Hell (Music Video Review)

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On 24 January 2021
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Get in the pit when these puppets hit the stage!

Sunday, August 8th 2015 at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival saw me alter my reviewing schedule by leaving midway through a very boring set by Black Label Society on the Ronnie James Dio Stage to check out HeLL PuPPeTs headline the Jagermeister Stage who were thoroughly a lot more entertaining as a sardine jammed in crowd lost their minds to the five piece band go bat shit crazy on a postage stamp sized stage with some pit opening thrash metal performed with a punky edge.

Fast forward to the present day as they release ‘From Hell’, the second video from their crushing debut album Theatre Of Sin. The Sussex based nutters manage to capture the vibe of that day in a fiery four minutes regaling the crimes of Jack The Ripper.

It’s a dizzying array of time changes that include a main course of brutal death metal, a sprinkle of thrash metal, a pinch of bludgeoning blast beats, a soupcon of industrial pounding ending with a dessert of tongue in cheek lyrics.

HeLL PuPPeTs band links :- https://www.facebook.com/hellpuppets

Get in the pit when these puppets hit the stage!

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