KREEK – Kreek album review


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On 13 March 2021
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With this self titled album, Kreek are definitely not up shit creek without a paddle!


KREEK – Kreek album review

It’s been some years since I’ve heard from Antony Ellis on the music scene. August 9th 2015 to be precise when he was lead vocalist for the now defunct Bigfoot when they delivered an incendiary set at Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

Fast forward to 2021 as his new band Kreek release their self titled debut album via Frontiers Records Srl. These 10 tracks bristle with verve and vitality, point proven by album opener ‘At The Bottom Of Hell’.

It’s a 7 minute epic that some bands would leave for their closing track but they have the confidence to try to grab your attention and keep it there throughout its long journey. It has a charge into battle vibe as it begins with an earworm opening riff and hypnotic kick drumming that heads off into multi tempo bass guitar heavy hard rock. Antony adds an extra edge to an already angelic vocal as it ends on a fretboard burning guitar solo.

‘Missiles’ launches itself on a jet propelled riff and keeps that trajectory throughout over a wailing lead vocal and hefty drum patterns until a raging wah wah guitar solo steals the spotlight.

‘Meet Your Maker’ stomps hard and heavy over wiry guitar lines that riff up heavier in the boisterous choruses.

‘Million Dollar Man’ is all feel good heavy funk rock with lashings of melody that shows off their laid back side, that is until the whammy bar infused guitar solo bustles in!

Prominent bass guitar adds a glorious growl to ‘One Voice’ over the sturdy guitar riffs. Histrionic vocals take the song to another level especially from the thought provoking lyrics and the twin guitar solos midway are bluesy as well as ballistic.

The shuddering intro to ‘Man On My Shoulder’ eases into sumptuous melodic rock that leaves plenty of space for a lung busting vocal.

‘Stand Together’ is a power ballad with balls and a never say die vocal leads to a war cry of “come on boys, lets go” heralds an ear piercing guitar solo.

‘Down ‘N’ Dirty’ perfectly describes the first of a pair of sleazy songs that should come with a “you’ll need a cold shower after listening to them” warning.

Blood pressure will be raised due to the feisty raunch of ‘Get Up’ as the near the knuckle choruses are powered by mighty “whoa oh oh’s”.

This highly impressive debut closes on another epic, the stadium filling balladry of ‘You’re On Your Own’. It’s a scintillating song that could cause every mobile phone to light up the venue. It tugs at the heart strings as Antony hits some stratospheric high notes over soothing band backing vocals.

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Kreek band line up :-

Antony Ellis – Lead Vocals.

Nick Clarke – Guitar.

Dan Collict – Guitar.

Seb Sweet – Drums.

Lee Andrews – Bass Guitar.

Kreek album track listing :-

At The Bottom Of Hell.


Meet Your Maker.

Million Dollar Man.

One Voice.

Man On My Shoulder.

Stand Together.

Down ‘N’ Dirty.

Get Up.

You’re On Your Own.

With this self titled album, Kreek are definitely not up shit creek without a paddle!

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