Havok – The Point Of No Return EP

On the 14th May Havok will release ‘Point of No Return’, an EP consisting of two brand new tracks and two classic thrash covers, just one year after putting out the fantrashstic collection of bangers known as ‘Time Is Up’ via Candlelight Records.

One of the cover songs from ‘Point of No Return’ is Sepultura’s classic “Arise”, so we can only imagine Havok’s delight when their heroes asked them to come out on the road this month along with thrash vets Death Angel and Krisiun. Havok are currently on tour throughout Europe and the UK with 3 Inches Of Blood.

Point Of No Return’ from the first opening riff they take you one a groove based, bass laden journey combined with Sanchez’s fantastic clear thrash vocals, superb solo, it has Havok stamped all over it. ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ has a similar style to ‘Point’, however there is a lot focus on Webber’s dynamic drumming and Scruggs gorgeous guitar work. Both these tracks will have their fans head banging and foot stomping along.

Their cover of ‘Arise’ is great they retain the speed plus some of the brutality of the original song however no one can do it like the original Masters! Next up if the guys cover of Slayer’s Postmortem/Raining Blood.  Postmortem seems more bass heavy which gives the track a different edge then it’s straight into Raining Blood they do a great job with this cover as well.

It’s a good filler EP to tide you over until the next album comes out, especially for the diehard Havok fans!


Rating – 8/10



Point Of No Return

From The Cradle To The Grave


Postmortem/Raining Blood



David Sanchez – Lead vocals / Guitars
Jesse De Los Santos – Lead bass / Vocals
Pete Webber – Lead drums
Reece Scruggs – Lead guitar / Vocals





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