Hammerfest 3 – 2011 (Festival)


Off to the second stage to see our first band of the day, the mighty Powerquest.

The last time I saw these was at Metalfest in 2009 – a time which also coincided with Allessio’s last ever gig with them, so I was looking forward to seeing what they are now like.

They did not disappoint, in new front man Chitral “Chity” Somapala they have a singer who is great on stage with mannerisms not to dissimilar to the late great Ronni James Dio (RIP).

Highlight of the set: Crunching the Numbers

A fantastic start to the day.

Next up we have Deadly Circus Fire – strange, very strange band.

They seemed to loose momentum almost right from the start and despite their best efforts they didn’t reach anywhere near the heights they could have done.

Following on we have Cthonic.

Having heard some very good things about this band I decided to check them out – I am glad I did.

Taiwan and metal are not normally mentioned in the same breath – somebody obviously forgot to tell Cthonic this.

The harsh vocals of Freddy is off set by the captivating use of traditional eastern musical instruments such as the erhu/hena (depending if you use the Chinese or Taiowanese name) and then there is Doris who attracted quite a lot of attention…….

Powering through a greatest hits set we are surprised when Ol Drake from Evile joins them on stage.

We can’t wait for the next time we get see them.

Opening up the main stage are HF’s own in house band Attica Rage.

Having witnessed the Rage a few times I raised my eyebrows when I heard talk of the new album launch (titled Road Dog) and a huge stage show to accompany it.

I was not expecting flame throwing scantily clad ladies, angle grinders and a volume which literally shook Prestatyn to its very foundations.

Highlight of the set: Road Dog Forever

A great set from the Rage – let’s hope they can continue the momentum they have created.


Next up are Grand Magus.

Having to cancel their European tour dates due to Seb developing deep vain thrombosis Grand Magus were forced to use a stand in drummer tonight in the shape of Entombed’s Olle Dahlstedt

On paper they should have been one of the highlights of the night however they came across as playing a very one dimensional flat set and didn’t seem to hit the heights they normally achieve which was a shame as having witnessed them in Ibiza last year I was really looking forward to their set.

Following on we have veteran death metallers Entombed.

Playing a brutal all out aural assault with mosh pits forming across the arena they decimate Pontins tonight with there all out no frills death metal approach.

Highlight of the set: Eyemaster.

Satyricon on the other hand put on a controlled, powerful, menacingly icy set.

A lot has already been said about Satyr in magazines but tonights set was nothing short of perfection.

Opening track Repined Bastard Nation lays the foundations for the cold wind to sweep forth and destroy all in its path.

Set List:

Repined Bastard Nation
The Wolfpack
Now, Diabolical
Black Crow on a Tombstone
Die By My Hand
The Pentagram Burns
Fuel for Hatred
Mother North

Lastly Swedish power metallers Sabaton bring there own breed of battle metal to the show.

Featuring stand in members Falun’s Robert Back on drums and Dragon Forces Frederic Leclercq on guitar tonight .

Charging ahead at full power a greatest hits set featuring tracks such as Ghost Division, 40:1 and Panzer Battalion everything was in fine form then disaster struck when Joakim split his trousers during Metal Machine which we managed to capture on video (check out the three minute mark) and photographs!

Set List:

Ghost Division
White Death
Cliffs of Gallipoli
Rise of Evil
Attero Dominatus
The Price of a Mile
Panzer Battalion

Coat of Arms
Primo Victoria
Metal Machine

[youtube]cfKl7rsW_uE[/youtube] [flagallery gid=67 name=”hammerfest 3 – saturday”]

A great ending to another Hammerfest – we look forward to next years one.

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