Populationfour – This town will drag you down ep

Hailing from Preston they have been around since late 2007 and after winning a local battle of the bands, have been making all the right noises ever since. Their energetic stage performance is just storming, a band who are better live than on cd, they have the crowd on their side from the word go, but even so, this cd still stands out.
This is a four track cd sample, a bit rough round the edges, but the power of the songs still manage to shine through.This band just plays rock music, loud and proud. Simple hooks and melodies, but with an edge, check out the title track on Youtube, via their Myspace site. www.myspace.com/populationfour

So to cap it off, if you like your rock as “rock” then this is the band for you. You can catch them on tour all over the uk from March onwards.
They have now just been added to the S.O.S Festival.

A very strong cd, I have to give it 8/10.

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