HAINT to release debut EP “Terminally Evolved”

Belfast post-doom/grunge metallers Haint have announced the release of their debut EP, Terminally Evolved. The 5 track comes out across all digital platforms on September 22nd, along with the first airing of final track Genius Loci.

Boasting former members of Stand Up GuyCondemned, and now Baleful Creed, they have waded through health woes and personnel issues over the last year, to deliver their first collection of recorded works. The Northern Irish trio were 2022 winners of Metal 2 The Masses, going on to play Bloodstock Open Air, and this year take the stage at Siege of Limerick, and return to Scotland for the Hordes X festival.

Darren Lavery (bass/vocals) says “The foundation for this EP is as old as Haint itself, with 2 of the songs being the first we ever wrote. Since then we have honed and refined all of the EP to the songs we, and hopefully you, love. We think this Ep covers the breadth of what we do and we are super proud of these songs

Ian Booth (guitar/vocals) continues; “This EP marks a big milestone on our timeline, the end of one chapter and the start of another. A lot has happened as a band. We’ve had massive highs and lows, but we’ve endured, and this is a culmination of that. We are very proud of what we have achieved with this EP. Everything done by ourselves, from the recording, mixing and mastering to the art work. 5 songs we simply hope you enjoy as much as we do. This is Haint.

Terminally Evolved is an emotionally charged release, at times steeped in reflective melancholy, at others unforgivingly raw. There’s no guarantee what you will feel, but you will definitely feel something.

FFO: Neurosis, Isis, Alice In Chains

Watch the video for the song “Ares” below:

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