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Gypsy's Kiss

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On 11 September 2023
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Gypsy's Kiss deliver a big smacker of heavy metal with their new single 'Better Than Me'.

Well here’s a quick bit of time travel as 2023 sees the return of Gypsy’s Kiss as they release a brand new single ‘Better Than Me’, accompanied by a music video from a gig in Lublin, Poland, October 22nd and June 2023. The band originally started in 1974 by Steve Harris and David Smith, current lead vocalist for Gypsy’s Kiss. Unfortunately it only lasted until late 1975 when Steve went to form Iron Maiden in December 1975.

It was written by David and Jonathan Morley as David explains the songs subject as “Inspired by stories from friends about their relationships breaking down and the resulting anguish it causes”.

It’s a gritty hard and heavy headbanger built on a catchy main riff but still packs a hefty punch. Vocals are delivered with a powerful message, all pinned down by a rock solid rhythm section that lock in tight.

‘Better Than Me’ is available on all digital platforms and a CD is available on their website with a bonus live track!

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Gypsy’s Kiss band line up :-

David Smith – Vocals/Guitar.

Jonathan Morley – Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Fraser Marr – Guitar.

Ross Hunter – Keyboards/Backing Vocals.

Robin Gatcum – Bass Guitar.

Stuart Emms – Drums.

Gypsy's Kiss deliver a big smacker of heavy metal with their new single 'Better Than Me'.

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