Grand Magus – Interview with Fox (Dublin 13/03/2014)

Fox Skinner - Grand Magus - Dublin 2014
Fox Skinner – Grand Magus – Dublin 2014

Many people think that the life of a music journalist is a glamorous – jetting all over the world, interviewing ‘rock stars’ in exotic locations while sipping weirdly coloured cocktails… and for a select few it is like that (not least in their imaginations!).  But, for the majority of hacks it is a business as hot and sweaty and dirty as the music we write about…

For example, the last time PlanetMosh talked to Fox, the imposing but extremely affable bass-playing third of Grand Magus, the interview was conducted in a corridor outside a kitchen at the end of the Saturday lunchtime rush, with burgers and chips frying temptingly just inches away… roll the clock forward 12 months or so and the venue for our ‘reunion’ is – a smoking shelter on the freezing cold bank of the (totally disgusting) River Liffey in Dublin, surrounded by discarded cigarette butts and other (probably unmentionable and extremely unhealthy) detritus.

The three mages are in town as part of a short run of dates to promote their recent ‘Triumph And Power’ album, so no better time to switch on the fancy digital recording device and, battling against the sound of passing rush hour buses and vans, probe the gentle giant on the opus…

‘Triumph And Power’ is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

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