Goldray – Feel The Change

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On 19 July 2020
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Release date: 31/07/20
Running length: 39mins 36secs.
A stunning album of feeling, depth and imagination.

I’ve loved Psychedelic rockers Goldray since the day I heard debut album ‘Rising ‘. An album that accompanied me on my walk to and from work for a good couple of months until, that is, I was handed a pre-release of this absolute monster of their second album ‘Feel The Change ‘.

And what better way to start such an album than with a monster track itself in seven minute epic ‘Oz ‘. My oh my. Kenwyn House’s opening riff is a mesmerizer and Leah Rasmussen’s vocals take the mood vertically upwards in an instant. The track itself chugs along at a perfect pace but the jewel in the crown within this track is the mid section break. The pace slows to give us an anthemic, mood provoking trip championed by some beautiful guitar work from Kenwyn. Rasmussen excels here too. The growth in vocal ability easily detected. This really is a killer track.

Photo by Tina Korhonen, 2020. All rights reserved

The journey continues with the album’s title track. A more mainstream affair but shows plenty of catchiness and a chorus that will delight. ‘The Forest ‘ takes us back in time to Goldray’s comfort zone. Perfectly balanced with serenity and punch. Rasmussen again delivering high octane, mesmerizing lyrics.

Following this is ‘The Forest – Part 2 ‘. There’s a Sabbath feel to this one and House’s soloing is just so, so good. This type of soloing really does make tracks stand out.

Goldray are renowned for their colorful videos and ‘How Do You Know ‘ is no exception (See video link above). A slower paced offering but again, chorus is king here and Goldray are bloody good at it.

The Beat Inside ‘ is another carpet ride through Goldray’s magical world. I love the way the chorus gently emerges from the verse. Beautiful psychedelic perfection and it rolls along at a comfortable pace.

What can I say about ‘Come On ‘? It may have a slower pace but again Goldray have a knack of sucking you in to everything that they do. It almost has a lazy feel to it. But lazy’s good, right?

Listening to Goldray is definitely a ride to be enjoyed. Psychedelic 70’s / 80’s rock has been re-born fresher and better than ever. ‘Pheonix Rising ‘ demonstrates this with stunning effect. But what oozes out of Goldray’s songs is emotion, depth, imagination and happiness. You don’t need anything else when it comes to music. I must mention the production here to which is absolute first class and adds to the integrity of the album.

Goldray have come up trumps again big time here. A classic album deserving to be heard everywhere. Fantastic.

Track Listing:

1 – Oz 2 – Feel The Change 3 – The Forest 4 – The Forest – Part 2

5 – How Do you Know 6 – The Beat Inside 7 – Come On 8 – Phoenix Rising


Release date: 31/07/20 Running length: 39mins 36secs. A stunning album of feeling, depth and imagination.

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