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On 13 November 2018
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Gang return with All For One, flying the flag high for French heavy metal.


Once again it’s time to bang our heads with the five French lunatics Gang and their latest studio release All For One, recently released via Underground Investigation.

The press release statement of “Old school heavy metal” is reinforced by the CD inlay of “The flame of heavy metal is still burning” as the Fismes based crew take no prisoners with opening track ‘The Almighty’ as intense riffing from Biggy and Steve provide the foil for Bill to bust his lungs out for a mighty lead vocal. ‘The Legend’ follows as the riffs grind and churn to keep the intensity levels high. Hammer blow drumming in ‘Another Tomorrow’ from Malo nail down the beat for this slow burning epic. A short, sharp punk like delivery for their cover of ‘Lord Tell Me’ by Attentant Rock adds a tinge of NWOFHM here. ‘The Devil In Me’ lives up to its title with its fiendishly evil grooves.

‘Warchild’ is a no more no less vocal tour de force as tasty twin harmony guitar lines midway precede fiery solos. ‘Follow The Sign’, a highly emotional power ballad surges along on grinding riffs and mightily wailed vocals. The album takes on a whole new dimension as the thirteen minute blockbuster ‘All For One’ covers all bases and will surely slay when played live especially when the unifying choruses arrive. A whispered vocal midsection is the calm before the storm drum heavy outro and guitar overload as Bill captivates to leave you breathless. They save their heaviest song till last as ‘Save Me’ closes this very impressive heavy metal album in style with everything muscled up to vein popping proportions.

Gang - All For OneAll For One album track listing :-

The  Almighty.

The Legend.

Another Tomorrow.

Lord Tell Me.

The Devil In Me.


Follow The Sign.

All For One.

Save Me.


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Gang return with All For One, flying the flag high for French heavy metal.

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