Fury – Pre Fest Interview Bloodstock 2013


Fury are set to play the New Blood Stage at this years Bloodstock festival on Sunday the 11th August.

We catch up with the band to find out more about them, the festival, their thoughts and what you lucky Bloodstock go-er’s will see!

Can you give the readers a quick introduction to the band.
We are Fury and we come from Worcester! Home of Worcester Sauce and Edward Elgar…. and Fury. Fury is Julian Jenkins, Alasdair Davis, Martin Trail and Jake Beesley.

How would you describe your sound?
Bloodstock organiser Simon Hall calls us Trad Metal, hopefully he means Traditional and not Tragic as we play good spirited, fast and exciting music!

Why did you want to become part of the New Blood Stage line up?
We wanted to become a part of the New Blood Stage because we wanted to get on the Bloodstock ladder and this is the perfect place to start, not only is Bloodstock wicked in its own right but it’s also a portal to some of the biggest metal festivals in Europe!

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were playing on the New Blood Stage?
We were absolutely pumped when we found out, we’ve all been attenders of the festival since 2006 so to get a free ticket and a slot on the Sunday was great!

What can the audience expect from you at the festival.
The audience can expect to have a shed load of fun. We dance, jump, headbang, windmill and rock the fuck out for everyone’s delectation!

What has been the bands biggest achievement so far?
So far the band has achieved a lot for a group of men with no money and no help! We’ve released 2 CDs, a vinyl, played at Hammerfest, the O2 in Brum, 100 Club in London and now we’re at Bloodstock!

Have you ever been to Bloodstock before? If so when and what did you enjoy most about it.
We’ve been as fans many times, my favourite performance (Alasdair Davis) was Testament a few years back. AMAZING!
What is your opinion of the Bloodstock line-up.
Love the line up this year. For starters we’re on it, albeit at the bottom somewhere. But Slayer are great live, Anthrax rock. It’s a solid line up from Thursday to Sunday!

Can you sum up Bloodstock in one sentence!

Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers
Hello PM readers, you’ve been good to us following our appearance at Hammerfest in 2012 and we are grateful for this. Please come and see us on the Sunday at Bloodstock 2013!

Thank you for taking the time out to complete this interview, we are looking forward to seeing you at Bloodstock \m/ \m/


furyofficial.bigcartel.com for lots of lovely CDs, vinyls and t shirts.

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