Fursy Teyssier from Les Discrets Interviewed Live at Whiplash at The Liverpool Krazyhouse (21/02/12)

This is Lee Walker from Planet Mosh meeting up with Fursy Teyssier from Les Discrets

LW –Thanks for taking the time out to discuss things Les Discrets related for the Planetmosh readers.

LW – For the people out there just discovering Les Discrets as a result of this interview, how did the band form?

Fursy – I think it was in 2003, I was actually playing in a band which was called Phest, and we were doing some songs mostly instrumental songs and I had some spare songs that we never used for this band, so I decided to keep some aside and maybe a project or I don’t know just for me, songs for me. Then after the band stopped I decided to err, I noticed that I had so many songs and I put some of them on Myspace and then a label contacted me and prompted me to make an album, which I had never thought about, so I was pretty happy and we recorded most of the songs I liked, and when the songs were composed it was exactly the same moment Alcest was releasing their first album on Prophecy, so I sent the album to Prophecy, it was not really fair you know, but just like having a good opinion of someone and they offered me 5 album deal, so physically I was only composing drums digitally and after this I met Winterhalter and so we decided to work together.

LW – What made you chose the name Les Discrets for the band?

Fursy – It comes from the very, very first concept of Les Discrets and it meant some kind of elves and little trolls that you cannot really see but they are there in the forest and everywhere. Beware Les Discrets! Discrets forms that are there but you can’t really see them, but it doesn’t have any real sense and its not more this one.

LW – You have a number of projects on the go ranging from directing films through to producing artwork for album covers. How do you find the time to fit it all in?

Fursy – I split my timetable. Basically morning is music, afternoon art, that’s it. Its not exactly like this but usually I spent two or three hours per day for the music and the rest for my job, and sometimes just like now in this days its one month, so now I will take maybe 6 or 7 months just on any metal things. That’s it.

LW – I have seen various descriptions for your “sounds” ranging from “shoegaze” through to “post rock. How would you describe it?

Fursy – Post rock with vocals and a little bit of metal yea. Shoegaze is not really the music I am listening to but course there is some reverb and delay, but that does not the band shoegaze, I think that it is mostly post rock and rock and metal.

LW – You have recently released your new album “Ariettes Oubliees” album, how did the album occur?

Fursy – I have a 5 album deal with Prophecy and I think it might be out of the answer you asked but basically because of this new album I feel inspired of and I have a lot of things to say but I have a 5 album contract but I am not sure it will fill the 5 album contracts. I just want to make music when I feel it and when I need it more or less. It was not exactly your question I guess but (laughs)

LW – In terms of the album what are your favourite tracks from it?

Fursy – The first one “Linceul D’hiver”, because its exactly the mood I wanted to convey as well as the opening song.

LW – How do you think it compares to your previous album “Septembre et Ses Dernières Pensées”?

Fursy – It’s a following to the first album in the way, that it somehow answers the questions I determine I have described in the first one, and I think its similar music and everything has improved a lot, the atmosphere, the scriptures and the vocals and even the drummer. I think we took some of the songs from the first one and tried to make the new one sound better.

LW – How has the tour been so far?

Fursy – The tour has been very good we have been friends a very, very long time so there is already, we went in the bus for the first time the connections were already done and it was already very funny and very nice, you know we know the others very well so there is no awkwardness, we know how to manage sensitivities and what to say, what not to say and how to respect each other and how to have a lot of fun, so its very cool. And the audience so far is very, very cool and we are extremely surprised to have so many people each night, its very we were really not expecting for this I think the other day had 250 people I guess and the other day it was a little bit less I guess 500, 150 you know.

LW – Besides the current tour what else does 2012 hold in store for you?

Fursy – Many things, from march to July I’m going to do nothing related to music any more, maybe some Scandinavian tour maybe but I’m not to sure to be involved in depends when we will do it, but for my job one animated film about 15 minutes as a director from March to July, and maybe a full length film which will take me two more years, approximately three years of work with a lot of people, animators, background designers and graphic designers 3D stuff.

LW – Are there any bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?

Fursy – Soror Dolorosa definitely if we bring them on tour its because it’s a band we are very connected to and which we share our roots in music most of the roots and its really very good music and if we bring them to the tour its to recommend them to people somehow so definitely this band and those guys, we really love it.

LW -Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

Fursy – Thanks for reading Planetmosh (Laughs). The most important thing for me for with the new album is that it’s a very open album meaning-wise, you can really interpret and get some feelings, some people will get more than others but I hope people will understand it, and for all the people who went to see us on tour, we all really want to say thank you, because we have been so impressed to see so many people and such kind people supporting us.

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