Evil Scarecrow -The Sanctuary, Burnley, 25/2/2012


After about 12 months, the Nottingham based noisemongers Evil Scarecrow returned to The Sanctuary rock club in Burnley to show that the heavier side of metal has not got to be played with a frown but  to bring a hilarious sense of showmanship to their music but which  does not  detract from the quality of their songs and the band’s professionalism.

Onstage equipment gremlins meant the gig did not kick off till after 11pm but it was well worth the wait and if anything, the near full venue was  fired up even more. Kicking off with the title track from their last album 6:66,Evil Scarecrow hit the ground running, the set chosen from their 2 full length albums, a brand new track called Book O’ Doom with lead singer Dr. Rabid Hell asking the crowd to shout out “librarian” before they played it and 2 cover versions.

The 2 covers are a speeded up version of the kid’s tv programme Thundercats and an o.t.t metal workout of Europe’s The Final Countdown with more crowd participation once again which means us all singing the “la la la la’s” at the beginning. Of course no Evil Scarecrow gig would be complete without  their classic Robototron whereupon the audience do the same robotic moves as the band. The best example of this  can be seen on youtube from their appearance at Bloodstock Festival last year when they performed in front of a packed out Sophie Lancaster  tent.

The keyboard player, Princess Luxury seemed to choose the wrong effect for the song in Burnley and the rest of the band were cracking up to the point that the Dr. had trouble getting the lyrics out, highlighting  the camaraderie within the band and midway thru Robototron, where the band are introduced, he mentioned her for her glockenspeil sound for the song! This can also be found on youtube.

The set ended on a mass singalong to Europe’s The Final Countdown after which  the band mingled in with the crowd. All in all a great night out and I expect more of the same when Evil Scarecrow play the Hammerfest Festival on March 16th at Pontins in Prestatyn. \m/


Evil Scarecrow band :-

Dr. Rabid Hell-Vocals/guitar.

Brother Dimitri Pain-Lead guitar.

Kraven Morrdeth-Bass.

Princess Luxury-Keyboards.

Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist-Drums.


Burnley gig setlist. The Final Countdown was

played after Robototron.


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