Falling Red “Empire Of The Damned”

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Falling Red

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On 3 March 2014
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Falling red, mean, moody and absolute molten metal! The first time I played the album I thought, ???? not bad. But then after re-playing it several times, much to the dismay of friends and family! I’m now able to say this is one bloody good album, and I’m off out to buy a copy of it asap. The first song ‘Time to rise‘, a great start to any album is the opening track, if you get it wrong your sunk. But if you get it right? So ok then, listen to this next installment from Falling Red, as they give a lesson in how to do it the right way.
We Escaped A Cult‘ ( explicit )….Or did they? I loved the start of this song, something very different but at the same time reminiscent of? Dare I say Nine Inch Nails?? but the guys have put their own inevitable inspired twist to it. This particular track could well be an under the blanket surprise future hit! ‘Disposable‘ is a pretty hard hitting track and I thought it was a brilliant way to deliver this song, very different and innovative! Lots of heavy drum abuse with good bass guitar back up, and some pretty smart lead riffs. ‘Empire Of The Dammed‘ is easy on the ears and like the rest of the songs on this album it gives you just something a little bit different from the other songs but still contains that all important Falling Red signature.
I recommend that everyone should go straight to track eleven and rock your balls off! This song is great, but for me it was the true hard rock feel to the sound that grabbed hold of me and shook me by the neck! Fast paced, with plenty of good riff work manic drumming. What more do you need?? Finishing off the album is ‘High And Dry’. Like the first track, this was a good choice for a closing song and rounded off the album quite nicely.


Band Members…

Rozey – Vocals / Lead Guitar

Jayde Starr – Rhythm Guitar

Dann Marx – Bass

Dave Sanders – Drums



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