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Falling red

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On 22 February 2018
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A superb album, highly recommended.

Falling Red are back with their latest album, Lost Souls. Once again they’ve funed it with a successful pledge campaign, but have recorded differently to their previous releases, working with different studios and producers. While they may be referred to as a Sleaze band, Falling red are far more than that as they demostrate clearly in this record. Yes there’s plenty for sleaze fans to enjoy but it’s also an album that will appeal to a much wider pool of rock fans.

The album opens with a short intro track before really getting going with “The day I lost my soul”. It’s a great song to get the album going.

One of my favourites on the album is “My town, my city”. An acoustic, ballad-style song, it’s a great song that describes how somewhere may be run down but it’s where they grew up and holds memories for them so will always be their town or city. It’s also the first song to be released from the album – check it out here…

“Enemies” is a fantastic song with a strong chorus – a song that really deserves a huge amount of radio airplay.

The whole album is incredibly strong – great vocals that deliver emotion and power as and when needed, nice guitar melodies and a strong rhythm section. In fact I really can’t find anything I’d like them to have done differently with the album.

We keep hearing that rock is dead, and maybe rock as a way to make money is, but in terms of the music, bands like Falling Red are proving that rock is as strong as ever. A superb album, highly recommended.

“Lost souls” will be released on 16th March 2018

Track listing:

1. The darkest day (Intro)
2. The day I lost my soul
3. Digital disguise
4. Alive
5. My town, my city
6. Dead
7. Hell in my eyes
8. War in the sky
9. Enemies
10. Beautiful lie
11. Haunted
12. In my head
13. A song for the haters

A superb album, highly recommended.

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