Ryders Creed Release Second Single ‘Cut Me Down’

UK hard rock band, RYDERS CREED, have released their new lyric video for ‘Cut Me Down‘, the second single from the highly anticipated 2nd album ‘Lost Souls‘, which will be released May 8th via Off Yer Rocka Recordings. The video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/ArkNBHqJgN8

Ryders Creed

“Cut Me Down”, follows hot on the heels of first single and true rock-epic “Lost Soul”. It’s another huge track which is sure to go down well amongst the loyal “Creedlings” – as their fanbase is affectionately known – as well as reaching out into the wider rock community where it will be compared favourably with the output from the big names in the classic rock world.

The accompanying lyric video is a work of art in itself, and complements the band’s thoughts of the state of the planet in these trying times: “We’re killing the planet through our actions. The place we call home is being destroyed through plastic, chemicals, deforestation, pollution etc. Perhaps everything that is happening right now with disease sweeping across the planet is a wake-up call, mother earth fighting back and showing us who’s boss. The song is a message to everyone who is willing to listen. We’ve got one place to call home. Love it and look after it as there is no afterlife for the human race once this world is gone.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, Ryders Creed have continued to build their impressive nationwide fanbase performing at flagship festivals around the UK including Steelhouse, Planet Rock’s Winters End, Hard Rock Hell & Ramblin Man Fair. 2019 saw the quartet claim the coveted title of Hard Rock Hell “Young Blood” Award-winners, as well as make their debut TV appearance where they performed on BBC Two’s Dragons Den. Watch here as they wow the judges: https://youtu.be/bVWx7IpxR_w

The Midlanders’ Debut, self titled album was released in 2018 and widely acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Therefore the 4-piece’s follow up “Lost Souls”, due May 8th via Off Yer Rocka Recordings, is expected to make huge waves in the NWOCR scene especially.

The band had been due to embark upon a full UK tour this summer in support of the release however they have been forced to postpone the dates due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. They will be announcing rescheduled dates in due course. In the meantime the band is encouraging creedlings old and new to pre-purchase the album so they can sing along to every word by the time they do hit the road.

Physical CDs and pre-order bundles available here:


Ryders Creed


1. Memories
2. Unleashed
3. Lost Soul
4. New Beginnings
5. Believer
6. Feel The Fear
7. Chasing Dreams
8. Meant To Be
9. Cut Me Down
10. Hand In Hand With The Devil
11. Money


Vocals // Ryan Antony
Guitar // Myles Cooper
Bass // Richard Clark
Drums // Lee Gilbert

Upcoming confirmed 2020 live dates:

Sat 11th July – Patti Pavillion, Swansea w/ Cats in Space and These Wicked Rivers
Sat 29th Aug – Rivendell Rocks Festival, Workington
Sun 30th Aug – Rockwich Festival, Northwich
Sun 20th Sept – Call of the Wild Festival, Lincolnshire Showground
Fri 6-7th Nov – Hard Rock Hell Festival, Great Yarmouth
Sat 12th Dec – Rock n Roll Circus Xmas Bash, The Dolls House, Abertillery



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