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Silent Opera

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On 3 March 2014
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Excellent album from a highly talented band, Melodic Death Metal at its best




Despite having formative roots growing back to 2007, this is the bands second only full length album, following on, as it does, from 2010’s “Act One”, an album that drew a lot of favourable reviews and comments, in particular, from their home stomping ground of France.

So, what of the follow up, well, my initial reaction was one of total admiration for the levels of technical dexterity demonstrated and delivered by the musicians in question, hard hitting riffs, and more tempo changes than you could shake a stick at, very much in the Epica vein.



Opening with the hugely atmospheric, if not hugely original, strains of “Beyond The Gate Of A Deep Slumber”, it takes no time at all to blend seamlessly into the glorious “Nightmare Circus”, the clean female vocal of Laure Laborde intertwined with the manic and malevolent growling of Steven Scriver to ultimate effect, racing through eight minutes and over of progressive, melodic, symphonic, Gothic and any other derivative of Metal that you can think of, very impressive indeed. The pace and level is maintained to aplomb, with following track “Dorian”, again, pretty much a fifty fifty split is evident as regards vocal duties but Laure’s impressive range seems to shine a lot brighter on this track.

Melodic Death, when done well (as in this case), can be hard to fault or dislike, and Silent Opera seem to have got the knack of producing the afore mentioned to a very high standard, retaining the hard hitting and bludgeoning riffs, without drowning out the melody and beauty that comes with the all important female vocal, adding, as it does that perfect light and dark, chalk and cheese element.

Picking a personal favourite track on the album is still proving difficult for me, the previously mentioned “Nightmare Circus” is certainly up there but for sheer power and aggression, balanced with a soft and delicate beauty, then I would say “Dawn Of The Fool”, however ,in terms of a piece of music that will genuinely move you, caress your emotions, and leave you with a tear in the eye, look no further than “Chronicles Of An Infinite Sadness”, all down to personal taste I know but there are a variety of different songs available that deserve the crown.

‘Reflections’ has been a delight to listen to, and hopefully will push the band up the pecking order, a very well put together offering that will appeal greatly to fans of Epica, Afterforever, and Melodic Death Metal in general.


Track Listing;

1. Beyond The Gate Of A Distant Slumber
2. Nightmare Circus
3. Dorian
4. The Great Chessboard
5. Fight Or Drift
6. Dawn Of The Fool
7. Chronicles Of An Infinite Sadness
8. Inner Museum
9. Sailor, Siren and Bitterness

Silent Opera are;

Laure Laborde – Vocals
Steven Schriver – Vocals
Olivier Sentenac – Bass
Romain Larregain – Guitar
Jon Erviti – Drums
Laura Nicogossian – Keyboards



‘Reflections’ is out now through MASSACRE RECORDS

Excellent album from a highly talented band, Melodic Death Metal at its best

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