FALLBRAWL – Pure Mayhem.

Hardcore madness from the German cult heroes.Fallbrawl_cover



Bringing musical carnage and general mayhem since 2005, Fallbrawl have had plenty of time to cut their teeth in the business. Building a strong reputation in Germany as one of the most extreme and best hardcore acts on the circuit, they can now cement their brand of ear splitting and uncompromising Metal on a wider international audience with the release of this, their second full length album.
By using the words ’extreme’, ’uncompromising’ and the like, you should be able to pre guess that there are not any ballads or lullabies on offer and you would be correct, although to be fair, album closer ’The End’ is a quite emotional and string led instrumental piece that shows a softer side to the band that they probably wont thank me for pointing out.
Back to the beginning of the album though, opening up with the killer ’Bring It On’, a statement of intent is made. Devastating in it’s delivery and make up, is a pretty apt way to describe the album, if not really deviating too much from the tried and tested formula of riff and growl in its presentation. Songs such as ’Alliance’, which incidentally features former vocalist Dave and ‘Can You Dig It’ are pretty relentless in their assault but to be perfectly honest the same can be said of all the tracks on display, led by the demonic and anger fueled vocals of AK , it really is a collection of songs to put on the stereo when your in the mood to smash things up. My personal pair of album favourites ’Mayhem’ and ’Hard To Forget’ are real gems of the Hardcore scene , showing how good this kind of music is when done well.
If I’m honest, this isn’t really an album that will re define a genre but in its favour it is played with a high level of passion and obvious enthusiasm that is certainly infectious and that alone is reason enough to congratulate the band on what they have achieved here. Well worth checking out.

Rating 7.5/10.

Track Listing;

1. Bring It On.
2. Eyes For An Eye.
3. Alliance ( featuring Dave, ex Fallbrawl).
4. Stone Cold.
5. Can You Dig It.
6. Interlude.
7. Clenched Fist.
8. Mayhem.
9. Hard To Forget.
10. Restless ( featuring Matthi Nasty and Marcel Platoon).
11. Burden Of Disease.
12. The End.


Fallbrawl are;

Paddy – Guitar.
Stefan – Guitar.
Walle – Bass.
AK – Vocals.
Norman – Drums.

Out now via http://www.beatdownhardwear.com/




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ggFY_dOj6U&w=560&h=315]

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