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Existence is Futile is the lively 2014 release by Dublin trio Snowblind. As soon as you start to blast this E.P you can hear the different elements and influences the band has incorporated into their music. As sometimes is the case, bands influences can tend to get in the way of any form of inventiveness. However, these multiple elements don’t make Existence is Futile any less Snowblind’s work – these influences serve as platforms for the bands originality to stand. They’re a band that I find it difficult to banish to one particular genre, which is a positive point. Even from looking at the various sites and pages these guys are involved in, they come across as real music lovers unrestricted by any one genre.

There’s a lot going on off the bat. Breaking the Chain (stop thinking Fleetwood Mac) is the first of four tracks and serves as a fair introduction. The track flows well but at times it can seem slightly coarse and inaccessible. While the vocals are admirable and authentic, they can sometimes sound detached from everything else that’s going on. Having said all that, these are only minor drawbacks to what is mostly a strong track.

To The End, the second track is distinctly different from the previous. There’s a more sombre, intriguing tone to this one, the diversity works to illustrate Snowblind as a band not easily classified into one category or style. Lyrically, To the End isn’t shallow or reserved; which is one of the many appealing components of the track.
To the End also features a decent instrumental portion which is something I had noticed and appreciated while watching Snowblind play live.  It gives you an opportunity to get a more rounded grasp on all of the tasks behind the sound.

Origin to Exile ups the pace. This was probably my favourite track on Existence is Futile. The beefy riff that’s paradoxically ambling and galloping is a pretty cool element. In addition to that there’s the enunciated scuttling bass supporting a barbed solo.

Existence is Futile, the title and final track, is the most up tempo of the four.  One of the strongest tracks of the E.P, It had triumphant qualities to it that really start to kick in about three minutes in to the song and continuing on to the end finishing the E.P on a powerful note.

Overall Existence is Futile is something I would recommend to add to your collection. In my opinion it’s great to hear a band with such variety in their sound and who aren’t working rigidly to a particular metal genre. However, this could also be a drawback for some. There is a lot going on but it might be deemed ‘too much’ – rather than a lot – for some who need more definite genre affiliations. If you’re that way inclined it might not be for you but Existence is Futile is worth checking out.


Track Listing:


1. Breaking the Chain

2. To The End

3. Origin to Exile

4. Existence is Futile


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