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The Deep.

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On 18 June 2014
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NWOBHM is given a shot in the arm with 4 hard hitting numbers!

the deepWell this is the second NWOBHM band I have reviewed this week with them having to  both alter their names. The first was Weapon UK and now we have The Deep with a top drawer 4 track EP. An early version of The Deep came about in the early 80’s when 3 of the current members (Tony Coldham, Paul Smith and Steve Kingsley) had formed Deep Machine. A split in 1982 led to a 30 year anniversary rehearsal in 2012 which went so well, they decided to reform and give it another go but unfortunately another version of Deep Machine was in existence so The Deep came to be.

‘Premonition’ opens the proceedings with an intense twin guitar intro leading into some crashing power chords showing the band mean business straight from the starter’s orders! A ‘Doctor Doctor’ type tempo bolsters the song with some impressive howling from lead vocalist Tony Coldham. Air guitarists everywhere will revel in the second half of the song as the solos fly out thick and fast backed up by a beefy rhythm section. The pace slows for following number ‘Spellbound’ but there is no lack of heaviness as the blues tinged heavy rock rhythms are dwarfed by a piercing vocal delivery reminding me of a higher range Biff Byford at times.

‘The Rider’ consists of vintage NWOBHM riffs with an over the top vocal to match. The Saxon comparisons rise again with Tony’s vocals tipping the recording levels into the red with a crunching breakdown midway as the pace picks up for the ending leading up to a scorching guitar solo. Final track sees the foot taken off the pedal once again for ‘All I Want’ that assaults the ears with a ‘Holy Diver’ groove with a snappy vocal making it Tony’s finest delivery on the EP. The track builds and builds to a climactic end with huge backing vocals. There is a brief outro with a voice saying “The Deep,NWOBHM”. The four songs here certainly confirm that statement!

Positive feedback from this EP have lead to The Deep to rehearse new numbers and also original 1980’s material for forthcoming gigs. 2 of which are an appearance at Metalwave UK in Purfleet, Essex on Saturday 18th October and a slot on the bill at the Very Eavy fest in Holland in 2015.


The Deep band line up :-

Tony Coldham – Lead vocals.

Paul Smith – Guitars/vocals.

Mick Feleppa – Guitars/vocals.

Don Whiberly – Bass guitar.

Steve Kingsley – Drums/percussion.


EP track listing :-



The Rider.

All I Want.




NWOBHM is given a shot in the arm with 4 hard hitting numbers!

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