Evile-Wrexham Central Station,19/10/2011.

To put it bluntly,on the 10th date of an 18 date tour,Evile lay waste to the rabid Wrexham crowd on Wednesday night.The Central Station is getting a well deserved reputation for booking some killer bands and Evile are a worthy addition to that ever growing list.
I’ve seen the so called Big 4 during the 80’s and the intensity created onstage by Evile was on a par with any of them.The rhythm guitar playing by lead vocalist Matt Drake is up there with James Hetfield and Scott Ian.The whole band are insanely tight and keep it together whilst playing at light speed.The guitar solos by Ol Drake are inspired and with the headband looks like a thrash metal Ted Nugent!

Of the 11 song set,6 were taken from the classic new album 5 Serpents Teeth,released about a month ago yet the pit were bellowing the lyrics back to the band who clearly were enjoying the dedication especially from the solitary stage diver who took to the air a few times during the set.
Evile were formed in 2004 by Matt and drummer Ben Carter and the line up remains the same with Ol Drake on lead guitar but Joel Graham now holds bass duties,replacing original bassist Mike Alexander who sadly passed away whilst on tour in Oct 2009 at the age of 32 from a blood clot on the lungs.Evile vowed to keep Mike’s memory alive and recruited Joel 2 months later.If you get chance to see Evile on any of the remaining dates of the tour,you wont be disappointed!

Set list:-
5 Serpents Teeth.
Killer From The Deep.
Eternal Empire.
We Who Are About To Die.
Descent Into Madness.
Infected Nation.
Long Live New Flesh.
Enter The Grave.

Thank you to Heather Anwin for permission to use her photos from the gig.

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