Evil Scarecrow interview – 15th October 2011

I talked to two members of Evil Scarecrow – Dr Rabid Hell (Vocals and Guitar) and Brother Dimitri Pain (Guitar) before they headlined the all day Metal fest at the Old Bell in Derby on October 15th.  The guys wer great to talk to and discussed their next album which is being worked on, their performance at Bloodstock, being announced for next years Hammerfest alongside bands including Anthrax, and more.

After the interview was over, and drummer Monty Blitzfist had decided to go out in the street in his stage outfit to find someone scared of clowns, the band took to the stage to put on a superbly entertaining show.  If you havent seen them yet – go and see one of their live shows – they mix great music with lots of fun.

You can listen to the interview below…

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