LIONSEX ‘Get iT’ cd.

I had thought this cd was never going to turn up, I first heard the song “Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy” back in October 2010, and I just loved it, I loved Jeff’s vocals on it, totally different from anything i had heard before, with a glorious melody and a killer chorus, i was hooked on the band.

So nearly a year later, i finally get my hands on the cd “Get It”, and its been well worth the wait, the cd kicks of in fine style with the title track “Get It”, a rip roaring sleaze inspired tune, with a catchy chorus.
“M.I.A” is the next track, and opens with a great guitar part, before the rest of the band join in for a full on high octane 4 minute sleaze rock epic.
“Too good” is another catchy tune with a great opening riff, and rocks along nicely; it even has a clever use of a piano at the end, which closes the song beautifully.
“Smoking out the neighbourhood” cranks the level up a bit, a fast paced low guitar slung piece.
“Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy” is in my opinion, the best song on this cd, though the others are not that far behind.
“Midnight”, “Rip off Britain”, “Rocket To Ur Heart” and “Used To Be” all follow in the same vein, all guitar driven, full of sleeze and attitude, its easy to see how they count the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, The Wildhearts and Hanoi Rocks among their influences.
The closing track “Bringing Back The Heartache” is a great love song, sung with passion by Jeff, with some top guitar playing from JJ Lyons, and a complimentary rhythm section from Davey and Tommy.
This cd is full of great music, well written, well structured songs, its hard to pick a stand out track, though for me it will always be “Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy”, though “Rip off Britain” runs a close second.
Play the video for “Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy” and if you like this, then you will love the album.
A refreshing band with some great songs well worth checking out, a Roaring 8/10.

Track listing –
01. Get It
02. M.I.A
03. Too Good
04. Smokin Out The Neighborhood
05. Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy
06. Midnight
07. Rip-Off Britain
08. Used To Be
09. Rocket To Ur Heart
10. Bringing Back The Heartache

Jef Leppard vocals
J J Lyons guitars, backing vocals
Davy Lyons bass, backing vocals
Tommy Tigers drums


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