Arctic Agency Interview

Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Moi, we are the Arctic Agency, we are an international based management and booking company based in Finland we are the creators behind the Arctic Festival a traveling festival which hosts stages in England, Scotland, Italy and Finland. We are also head bookers for the legendary venue that is the Bridgehouse2 in London.


Who came up with the idea to form Arctic Agency? And why?

We all came up with it; many people think that this agency is just one person but it’s not. We have several different people working on different things; we came up with the name because we almost got sued for our first name.

Originally we wanted the Nordia Agency, however with Nordia being a major bank in Finland we was forced to change the name, we changed it to Nordic Agency to which wasn’t a sufficient change thus making us decided on The Arctic Agency. We also think that The Arctic Agency has a very nice ring to it now.



What are the aims for Arctic Agency?

When it comes to aims it’s hard for us to underline points on our list in order as we find everything important to us, I guess when you talk about what are our future aims we can only say that we wish to be one of the true agencies that can offer bands not only management but also musical advice on an international scale.



What makes you different from the other agencies out there?

We feel that the staff working for us gives us an advantage, also that there isn’t that many agencies based in the Nordic and Scandinavian regions which offer what we can.

We feel we have the perfect balance between professionalism and experience in order to help bands achieve their goal that they wish us to make for them. The fact that we promote around Europe also makes it easier for us to book bands all around the world.


What can you offer bands that sign to you?

We can offer them the world!!! Isn’t this normally what an agency would offer?

But in all seriousness what we can offer is that they get 100% of our attention every day of the week.

We promise to raise their profile across Europe or to raise their profile in which country they wish to work with us.

We can also help the bands with an option of management and advice if they wish this from us.

We offer bands a full 360 management to cater for the band’s needs.



What bands do you currently have on your roster at the moment?

Bands what we currently have on our roster include: Arthemis, Elvenking, Secret Sphere, Akrya, Ground Frame which we look after Scandinavian Bookings and we also manage a few of them bands.



As you are based in Seinajoki, Finland so why pick the UK and Italy for your festivals and gigs?

We like a challenge, not the real reason. The real reason is because we feel that in the UK and Italy the people prefer metal and hard rock music than anywhere in the world.

Our view is that Italians really love their music and are one of the most passionate countries about it.

And when it comes to the UK we have always wanted the chance to promote in the capital, so it’s like a dream come true being in the position to do it.

The reason we don’t do shows in Seinajoki is because there is only two venues here, one is owned by the guys who do provinssi rock festival and is seriously huge, the other venue is a small underground bar which only has music on a Friday and Saturday night due to the noise complaints.



You run gigs in Ill Blocco, Verona where about do you to you have your concerts? And why?

Ill Blocco is the club in Verona that we promote in. Andy from Arthemis has been a legend in creating a partnership which allows us into the Italian Market, we owe everything from the Italian side to him  and his good friend Roberto an amazing vocalist from an Italian band called Broken Bridge,


The venue you use in London is the Bridgehouse 2 in Canning Town, what made you choice this venue?

The venue itself has a little bit of history to it, I have been talking to the owner for a while now and originally planned just to do one show, we came to London for the first show on September 3rd which featured four amazing bands (Spirtytus, Black Iris, In Perfect Silence, Envy Assured) and we fell in love with the venue.

We feel that it is a little gem that cannot be beaten for its atmosphere.

After we talked more with the venue we was happy to reach an agreement that from Jan 1st 2012 The Arctic Agency will have full booking control of the Bridgehouse2, which is more than we could ever of wished for.



How has the response been to the gigs that you have put on so far?

Honestly it’s been fantastic, we have put on some very strong bands so far which all understand our ethic of shows and we have had a proven record that each show increases with attendance which proves that we are doing something right.

I feel that it helps that all the promoters at the venue also help out and promote the other shows which makes it feel like it’s a family working here instead of everyone for themselves.


At the start of January next year, you are holding your first 3 day festival at the Bridgehouse 2 with a superb line up.  A few of bands that are playing there are Beholder. Elvenking, Power Quest, 15 Times Dead, Kyrbgrinder, etc etc.

Ticket link


How did you pick the bands that are playing?

Since it’s the first year of this year’s festival we had to think of a logic scale. We approached bands who we thought were all on par but also may not have gotten the break they deserve, plus with our management we was able to bring in a few headliners without paying agent fees for bands which helped on the budget.

We contacted Simon Hall from Beholder as they are one of the few bands in our eyes that are seriously something different to everyone else out there and I feel that it’s only a matter of time before they headline the bigger festivals so it would be a honour to have them close our festival.



How easy was it to arrange seeing as you are based in Finland?

It would be hell if we never had experience, however the fact we have experience and know the industry it makes things a little easier for us, Look at Sonisphere for example, they promote concerts all over the world and don’t struggle as they have the experience. I am not saying we are like Sonisphere or trying to be the next Sonisphere because we are not, we are the Arctic Festival. The only thing that we had a slight problem with was RyanAir not having a flight when we wanted so had to use another airline. Other than that it’s all been good for us.



You are currently organising a 2 day festival in Glasgow in April. What made you pick Glasgow and also the Classic Grand?

A lot had to do with picking Glasgow. Originally we was thinking where else could we do a festival, we thought of Wales however HRH is based there and as much as we love HRH we never wanted to step on their toes.

We looked at Ireland, however we felt that it would cost us a little more money than we had budget for so we picked Scotland. We asked around the local bands which was the best venue they felt at home with and the Classic Grand kept coming up as everyone’s first choice.

We contacted Barry Douglas who was our direct contact with for the Classic Grand and told him our Aims and intentions for the festival and he was happy to give us the green light.

I can give you an exclusive that the Festival will happen on 21st and 22nd April 2012 and some of the bands that will appear are: 15 Times Dead, Kyrbgrinder, Black Acid Souls, Huron and Arthemis(ITA) and Mordax(DEN) are two of the international bands who I can announce will be playing.

As for the rest of the line-up I guess you will just have to wait.


Can you tell us more about your other festivals that you are organising, Verona? Finland?

The Festival in Verona will feature bands such as Arthemis, Elvenking, Secret Sphere, Hell in the Club and a few more surprises.

We cannot announce to many details on this as we don’t wish to give too much away I am afraid but it’s one not to be missed!!




Ticket link (Arctic London Festival) (Arctic Mgmt FB)



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