Entrails interview with Jimmy Lundqvist


Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist from the death metal band Entrails, takes the time out to fill in our email interview about the bands style, their new release, the death metal scene and more!

Hey there! How’s it all going? Before we start the interview, for our readers who don’t know, can you give us an introduction to Entrails?

Hey.. sure thing.. just write http://www.metalblade.com/us/artists/entrails/  in the web browser and you can read the whole bio.

So, back in the 90’s, you self-released two demos titled “Human Decay” and “Reborn”. This year, you decided to re-release both demos under one title via Metal Blade Records. What made you decide to do this? And was the reformation of Entrails after 20-odd years a factor in this?

Nope.. it was in the year 2009 those demos was released for the first time in a very limited way. only 50 units each was made though the “Reborn” was also made on a few hundreds tapes. then this year Metal Blade wanted to re-release those.. back in the days nothing was released.. though there are some recordings that might be released in the future from that time, the problem is that they have been from tape to tape to tape and after several tapes its very bad sound, that needs to be restored and am working on it from time to time having those recordings good enough again.

With this release can we expect to see you touring the UK any time soon?

I have got a request in doing something like a weekend with several shows but its only in the discussion mode yet.. but we want to come back soon because UK was really fantastic.

Do you have any new ideas forming for a new album yet?

Yepp. the wheels are spinning and we are working on it now.

Being a traditional Swedish Death Metal band, dating back to when Death Metal was at it’s best, what do you think of the current scene and how and why do you feel it’s changed over the past years?

To me its become worse. mostly because it have become a competition of which band that plays the fastest and the most technical stuff.. but to me that’s not dm.. that’s stupidity.. I want to hear what’s happen in the music, feel the beats and the riffing, and most of all the passion and feeling, it doesn’t have to be perfect though. I respect all those who like that kind of music but am to old getting into that stuff

How have things changed for you guys since signing with Metal Blade Records?

It all have become more professional and the promotions are much better..

If you could collaborate with any band or musicians, who would it be and why?

Hard to say.. I don’t think we would get much of a help from anyone

Look to your left, the first thing you see is what you have to defend yourself in a zombie apocalypse, what is it anDo you have any final words for our readers and the fans or anything else you’d like to say?d how would you use it to survive?

hmm. I see a door.. don’t know how it will be used in a battle with zombie or survival.

… Have you got a plan for the zombie apocalypse? Do you really think you could do some damage with your new found weapon?

… With a door? I doubt that. I would get me a lot better weapons for that if that’s the case.

What can we expect to see in the future from Entrails? (Assuming we don’t all get eaten first….)

New album coming up next year. Hopefully many shows around Europe.

Do you have any final words for our readers and the fans or anything else you’d like to say?

We are alive at facebook: www.facebook.com/entrails666 updates and news all be posted there and book us by writing a proper mail to entrailsreborn@hotmail.com.

Thank you for speaking with Planetmosh.

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