If you are yet to hear ENGLOMANATIC GLITCH then you soon will. The band avoid digital sounds and samples, and look to utilise analogue equipment of all kinds, from guitar pedals and old mixing desks to cooking pots. The experimental prog rockers are now geared up for the release of their new video single entitled The Raid: –

We asked the guys to fill us in on their background:


What is your lineup?

Drewzi – vocals, Eugene – bass, Emo- guitar, Are – guitar/noise, Vik – drums.


How were you formed?

I (Vik) met Drewzi through a houseshare at Uni.  I asked him to help with a recording project that had been assigned. We enjoyed it so much we started hanging out, which lead to song writing; and eventually it became clear we needed a full line up for the sound we were creating.

We all still live in Acton in West London and consider this our hometown because it’s where we began as a band.


What are your influences?

Collectively our influences are mainly from pop songs. (youtube dnb playlists are the soundtrack to many endless drinking sessions that have helped as gel as housemates and led to ideas that have become tracks for our album.) Individually we bring different things to the table for example …. Insert personal music tastes here.


How did you get your band’s name?

The band’s name comes from a mistake during a writing session. We had a demo we wanted to try lyrics on but not having any written Drewz was improvising so we could get a feel for the rhythm and flow of the words. So Drewzi started reading whatever was written on the walls. He tried to pronounce “Electromagnetic Switch”, but he couldn’t and he said ” Englomanatic Glitch”, which later on became out name.


What’s your backstory?

Me (Vik) and Drewzi shared the same house in uni (unintentionally) and so it began. We all met at uni and obviously all ended up in the same house eventually.


If a deaf person were to ask us to describe the sound or our music, how would we describe it?

Imagine that you are sleeping and three different world that you see, feel and hear are all happening at the same time, then you wake up and you can see the difference between dreams and reality.


Where can we find your social media site?

Everywhere everyone else is – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, but not Twitter, none of us has one and we don’t understand how it works, and we figured there are more important stuff to focus on, rather than ” How does twitter work”.




Email: englomanaticglitch@gmail.com

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