Embassy Of Silence – ‘Antler Velvet’ cd review.

This is Finnish band Embassy Of Silence’s second full length offering, following on from 2009’s ‘Euphorialight’ which was released to much critical acclaim in their homeland, with it’s musical twists from light to dark, it immediately got the band noticed.
‘Antler Velvet’ however see’s the band progress firmly to a different level, both in terms of writing and performance. The vocals of Ines Lukkanen are beautifully controlled, able to engage your emotions and transport you on a journey of discovery, she has one of those rare voices that you can just lie back, close your eyes and drift away to.
The bands sound I guess would fall into the Melodic Rock camp if any at all, although they aren’t afraid to throw in the odd experimental piece here and there, a style that in places reminded me of Mandrake but with Delain’s commercial clout thrown in.
The album has a general theme based around reinventing and renewing ones self just as a Stag would rub away the velvet to reveal the new antler beneath. A concept which comes across well in the music, leaving the listener with a feeling of tranquility and calm, and a sense of having listened to something truly uplifting. Tracks such as ’Unconverted’ and ’Prodigal Son’ really are second to none, and demonstrate what a talented group of musicians we’re dealing with, just listen to album closer ’Touch The Zenith’ if more proof were needed.
A must for all fans of Female Fronted Metal.

Out now via Ravenheart Music.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing.
1. Trickster Queen.
2. Unconverted.
3. The Gemini Ascendant.
4. Auryn Virus.
5. Conundrum.
6. Minotaur.
7. Harbour Of Naryon.
8. Through Unknown Gateways.
9. Prodigal Son.
10. Touch The Zenith.

Embassy Of Silence are;

Ines Lukkanen – Vocals.
Tero Kalliomaki – Lead Guitars.
Jamo Suodenjoki – Rhythm Guitars.
Samu Lahtinen – Bass Guitar.
Harri Koskela – Keyboards.
Jaakko Hauro – Drums.




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