Eluveitie ‘Helvetios’


The New Age Of Folk Metal champions return with their best offering to date. Infusing traditional Celtic and Gaulish elements beautifully with really catchy melodic Death Metal.
This is the bands first release since 2010’s ’Everything Remains…’ and shows the bands continued progression and development. From the haunting vocals of ’Scorched Earth’ to the blistering growls of ’Meet The Enemy’ and ’Neverland’ and female vocal of ’A Rose For Epona’, here are a group of musicians who obviously have many strings to their bow.
The band have always drawn heavily on Folk and traditional elements and this theme carries on here but is performed in such a way as to feel fresh and dynamic, a feat which many in this genre are seemingly unable to do.
The album has been available for a few weeks now and is well worthy of checking out.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Prologue.
2. Helvetios.
3. Luxtos.
4. Home.
5. Santonian Shores.
6. Scorched Earth.
7. Meet The Enemy.
8. Neverland.
9. A Rose For Epona.
10. Havoc.
11. The Uprising.
12. Hope.
13. The Siege.
14. Alesia.
15. Tullianum.
16. Uxellodunon.
17. Epilogue.

Out now via Nuclear Blast.




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