Exit State Review, Moho Live 09.04.2012

Exit State return to Moho Live Manchester supporting Jettblack and Valient Thorr. They open with ‘Black Veins’ attracting the audience with their habituating groove consuming each and every one. Roy Bright introduces a new song tonight ‘Elastic’ with more than satisfactory guitar elements and a captivating essence.

Matt Harris is the new member of the group as lead guitarist, exposing himself to the fans of Exit State. He captures the sound of Exit State well, persona wise on stage I feel with a few more gigs with Exit State he will have the confidence as much as the other members, if not more. Taking in consideration he has only been with the group for a few months and for the past three months they have had a break from live performances.

With only a half an hour set Exit State picked a strong selection of songs over their three albums, giving the audience what they wanted to hear, which for one was definitely ‘Check out the Crazy’.

Roy has an organic charisma on stage with an abundant character to match, as he hands out chuckling antics in between songs. Drummer Peat Hicks has more energy than a  five year old that is high on sugar. Exit State were truly on form tonight. Catch them in May when they head out to support the legendary man that is Michael Schenker.

Set List 

Black Veins
Check out the Crazy
I Know Where You Are
Lost Beyond Belief
Death of a Rockstar

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