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On 3 March 2019
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Release date: 08/03/19.
Length 30:08.
It's a slow burner of an album this, but well worth a listen.

Eat Me Fresh are a four-piece hardcore band from the Czech Republic. Formed in 2010, amongst their biggest achievements are supports slots with Trapped Under Ice on their European tour in 2017, Agnostic Front in 2015, Turnstile in 2015, a European tour with Swamps from USA in 2016, Broken Teeth ,Backtrack, Leeway, Merauder, Mighty Sounds Festival in Czech Republic and Summerbowl in France. The band have several releases, all of which are available on Bandcamp and most streaming multimedia.

One of the first things to hit me in ‘MOB’s’  opening track ‘B&F’  is how parallel Hannes Busch’s vocals are to that of the late, great Lemmy from Motorhead. The track’s opening riff is one that will have a mosh pit hyperactive within seconds and heads nodding in unison to it’s slow and lazy, yet effective beat. ‘Finesse’  follows the formula of ‘B&F’  but what I like here is their ability to slow the music down in a quick but gradual phase. Life Of Agony were masters at this, especially on their debut album ‘River Runs Red’.  Eat Me Fresh have a similar style throughout this album as ‘Anxiety’  shows. ‘Swamps’  is another chugger of a track that has touches of D.R.I. Hannes’ vocals again shining through on this one. Title track ‘MOB’  is probably the closest to a Motorhead track on this album. The comparison I think will always be there with Hannes’ exceptional vocals.

‘Wave’s  opening riff  is a dead ringer for Metallica’s ‘Wherever I May Roam’.  In fact, most of the song has a Metallica feel to it but it’s still a great tune. To be honest, there are no stand-alone tracks on this album. Each song has it’s own identity and they merge together perfectly as an album. The excellent ‘Purple Green’  is another example of Eat Me Fresh’s ability to change the direction of a song in an instant with speed fluctuation.

It’s a chugger of an album this. Not too fast, not too slow. But overall an enjoyable listen and well worth a purchase.

Track Listing:


1 – B&F

2 – Finesse

3 – Anxiety

4 – Swamps

5 – MOB

6 – Back And Forth

7 – Wave

8 – Blame

9 – Don’t Wanna

10 – Purple Green

11 – Trap

12 – Feel


Hannes Busch – Vocals   /   Mara Strunc – Guitar   /   Tomas Lapka – Bass   /   Josef Hubac – Drums

Eat Me Fresh


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Release date: 08/03/19. Length 30:08. It's a slow burner of an album this, but well worth a listen.

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