E.Z. Riders – Try hard…or die hard

E Z Riders - Try hard or die hard“Try hard…or die hard” is the third album from Italian band E.Z.Riders (or to give them their full name, Experienced Zydeco Riders).  Musically they’re Blues Rock with a definite Southern feel.  That musical feel combined with the E.Z.Riders name might lead you to assume they’re from Texas, Tennessee or one of the other Southern states, but in actual fact they’re from Italy.

It’s a good album – nothing particularly original but still very enjoyable to listen to.  The music is very good, with some nice guitar work and influences that sound to be Creedence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Top and more.  The vocals are good too but they’re a bit smooth and a higher pitch than I’d have liked – a deeper rougher voice would give the songs more of the gritty feel they deserve.

Track listing:

1. Lonesome feeling
2. Down in Mississippi
3. Mary (ain’t coming home tonight)
4. The one
5. When it all comes down
6. Heartbreaking mood
7. I won’t back down
8. The shape I’m in
9. Poisoned rain
10. A moment in time

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