Dylath-Leen return with their superb new offering ‘Cabale’.
‘Cabale’ follows the bands 2008 release ‘Semion’ and whilst the wait has been far too long the result is well worth it.
From the opening track ‘Never Rising Sun’ the tone is set for an all out assault on the senses with Kathy’s incredibly powerful vocals burning a hole straight between the listeners ears. However, the band don’t rely solely on the female vocal angle with guitarist Igor also sharing duties on many of the tracks, which adds a deeper more malevolent feel, none more so than on ‘Silent Land’.
Categorising Dylath-Leens’s musical style is not easy. Whilst they do draw from the Extreme/Death Metal corner, they have the vision and talent to experiment and push the boundaries further than many other bands in that genre. Having said that, if you’re expecting ballads I’m afraid you will be disappointed, but if you want to listen to a refreshingly different band that based on this release are definitely on the way up then give this CD a go.

Track Listing:

  1. Never Rising Sun
  2. End of Time
  3. The Elder Sign
  4. I Dreamt
  5. Last Moments
  6. I’m The Crusher
  7. Silent Land
  8. Forever…
  9. …Still
  10. Unveiled
  11. Where The Vision Led

Band Members:

Kathy Coupez (Guitar/Vocals)

Igor Landorique (Guitar/Vocals)

Jeremy Mairesse (Bass)

Bertrand Oria (Drums)

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