BUSH/The Sea of Memories CD

Ten years ago, Bush released “Golden State”; it was a commercial failure, and it would be the last that we would really hear from Bush for the rest of the decade. Since then, Gavin Rossdale formed “Institute”, which only cut one album. He then released a solo record, which also failed to ignite.
So is this a return to form ? Right from the off i have to say no, its not a bad record, but really !!!! after 10 years, and over a year in post production, I was expecting better.
There are a couple of great songs on here, but sadly, those songs are few and far between.
The opening three tracks “The Mirror of the Signs”, “The Sound of Winter”, and “All My Life” really show what the album could, and should have been about, the Bush of old, full of post grunge swagger.
“All Night Doctors”. is a great piano piece, a solid ballad, and one of the best songs on the album, unfortunately, it all goes down hill from then on in, full of throw away “fillers.

What “The Sea of Memories” turns out to be, really, is a straight forward rock album without much in the way of surprise, or inventiveness, and that is a shame.
Bush here seem to be living on past glorys, but I wonder how much longer the hardcore fans will stick around. This really hasn’t done them any favours, as four great tracks do not make an album.
1. “The Mirror Of The Signs” – 4:19
2. “The Sound Of Winter” – 3:28
3. “All My Life” – 3:22
4. “The Afterlife” – 4:45
5. “All Night Doctors” – 4:17
6. “Baby Come Home” – 4:15
7. “Red Light” – 3:31
8. “She’s A Stallion” – 4:36
9. “I Believe In You” – 3:11
10. “Stand Up” – 4:19
11. “The Heart of the Matter” – 4:22
12. “Be Still My Love” – 4:48
A disappointing 5/10

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