King Mob/Force 9 cd

King Mob, a new group featuring ex-Sex Pistol bassist Glen Matlock, has released their debut album force 9
The group is a departure from Matlock’s punk rock background, instead focusing on classic rock and roll and listing their influences as wide ranging as Duke Ellington and Jimmy Page.
Glen is joined by drummer Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers, singer Stephen Parsons, and guitarists Chris Spedding and Sixteen.
The first thing you notice is how atmospheric the record sounds, a clear departure from the rough sounding punk genre, the second is how well the music gel’s together, there is a definite “English” feel to the rhythm section, pounding drums and solid bass lines are overlaid with a Nasville Tennessee style guitar, couple this with Stephen’s vocals, and you end up with a band I don’t think you can pigeon hole. The only way I can describe them, is a beat-combo who kick ass, more Rockerbilly than rock, but more rock than heavy rock.
The record kicks off at a ferocious pace, and really never lets up, the infectious groove of Va Vah Voom gets right under your skin. The single, “Selene Selene” has some great riffs, bordering on heavy rock, though with one foot in Nasville.
There are a couple of slower tracks, “Chapel Of Love” springs to mind, but even this is as catchy as hell, bordering on pop music simplicity.
You will need an open mind to listen to this, as you will either love it, or hate it.
Me ? im still not sure even after a good few listens, but as I keep going back to it, then it must be good

1. Lover of High Renown
2. Who’s Chasing Who
3. Va Vah Voom
4. Secret Song
5. American Slaves
6. Chapel of Love
7. I Was There
8. Make That Call
9. China Waters
10. Selene Selene
11. King Mob
Their debut album FORCE 9 produced by SWP will be released on 31 October 2011 on 11 track CD and 7 track 180g Vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve, plus bonus 3 track CD included.
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