Dygora – Ghetto Spiritual (video-single)


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On 6 August 2020
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The soundtrack to the apocalypse!

Something wicked this way comes, courtesy of dynamic death metallers Dygora with just-released video-single Ghetto Spiritual by Southside Records

It took a few plays to get my head around these four minutes of rage that flails wildly on a shroud of doomy dirge. A cathartic vocal is one of the most guttural performances I’ve heard for quite some time, backed by seismic Godzilla stomped dynamics.

Halfway in it gets even more hellish as the vocals quicken, as does a kick drum-driven bombast as discordant guitar lines steer it to a sudden stomp that left me breathless!

Ghetto Spiritual is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal, or to purchase directly at https://dygora.bandcamp.com/album/ghetto-spiritual

Dygora band line up :-

Omar Swaby – Lead vocals.

Reece Beasley – Guitar.

Kieran Heraghty – Drums.

Mark Cross – Guitar.

Archie Farrer – Bass guitar.

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The soundtrack to the apocalypse!

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