Dr. Living Dead – Crush the Sublime Gods (Century Media)


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On 14 March 2015
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Ripping US thrash straight from the hands of the undead plague from Sweden

Press_Cover_01The most striking thing about this band is the fact they are not American. Formed in Sweden in 2007 the band have taken aspects of all the different scenes within the USA from the 80s, mashed them together to come up with a fun and vicious record. Throughout this album you will hear, Metallica, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Vio-lence and Exodus, unashamedly so by their own admission ignoring innovation in favour of simply writing memorable songs. Image wise they look like an undead Suicidal Tendencies which works really well or is just plain idiotic looking depending on what side of the fence you are on in the image stakes. However, with music this good the image is irrelevant.

This is the third outing for the band and again they have delivered the goods. Opening in the age old tradition of an instrumental with news clips and other samples thrown in sets the scene nicely for the opening title track. Dr. Mania (Vocals) on this track has a passing resemblance to the unique voice of Sean Killian (Vio-lence) which is not something you hear everyday. Throughout the album you can identify all the greats for example “Civilised to Death” is screaming Exodus with its complicated rhythm patterns to the full tilt attack of the drums. “Salvation” takes the pace down for a 3 minute acoustic interlude seeping with melody and takes you right back to the heady days of the late 80s thrash scene when this kind of thing was frowned upon. Suicidal Tendencies are a prevalent influence throughout this record especially on the track “No Way Out” which also nods to Anthrax. The thrash revival of the mid 2000’s seems to be all but dead and buried, however this lot along with the likes of Vector have the chance of staying ahead of the pack as they are staying true to the feel of thrash and it sounds very natural. Given they have a bit of a gimmick it will cross over easily into the mainstream which may make the old purists shake their fists in disapproval, those guys would be advised to listen before they speak. A fantastic slab of thrash metal which would easily go toe to toe with the latest offerings from the likes of Exodus and Overkill.
1. Final Broadcast
2. Crush the Sublime Gods
4. Eternal Darkness of The Fucked Up Mind
5. Buck$
6. Civilized To Death
7. Another Life
8. Force Fed
9. Scanners
10. Salvation
11. No Way Out
12. Triggerkiller
13. Wake Up…Join The Dead!

Line Up:

Dr. Toxic – guitars, backing vocals
Dr. Rad – bass, backing vocals
Dr. Mania – vocals
Dr. Slam – drums

Ripping US thrash straight from the hands of the undead plague from Sweden

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