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On 20 August 2018
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Another great release from Doro, the metal queen.

It’s been six long years since Doro released her last studio album – Raise your fist. Since then she’s celebrated 30 years in metal with two massive shows with guests and an orchestra and released a live album/DVD from those shows. Now as she reaches 35 years in metal she’s celebrating by playing Wacken once again and also releasing a new album – Forever warriors, forever united. It’s a double album which is great news for fans as it means rather than 10 or 11 songs, they get 19 – plus 6 bonus tracks, so 25 tracks in total.

The album is split into two – “Forever warriors” and “Forever united”. That’s not just a fancy way of saying disc 1 and disc 2 – there’s a definite musical split at work, with the softer more emotional songs on the “Forever united” disc and the harder heavier songs on the “Forever warriors” disc

Check out the video for “All for metal” – a song likely to become a live favourite. The video features appearances from Testament’s Chuck Billy, Sabaton, Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg and more. It’s definitely got that metal anthem feel to it.

The second single to be taken from the album is “If I can’t have you – no one will” a duet featuring Johan Hegg. The song was performed live with Johan Hegg as a guest during her performance at this years Wacken open air festival.

The album also see’s guest appearances from two guitarists Tommy Bolan (Warlock) and Doug Aldrich (Dead Daisies/Whitesnake/Dio).

Doro was a longtime friend of Lemmy, and on the way to his funeral came up with the melody and lyrics for the song that would become her tribute to him – “Living life to the fullest”. It’s a beautiful song, and the title just sums up Lemmy’s approach to life. What did catch me by surprise was hearing Lemmy’s voice coming through the speakers at the end of the song.
Doro’s tribute to Lemmy doesn’t end there – she has also included a Motorhead cover – “Lost in the ozone”. It’s nice that she’s chosen a song that obviously has a connection for her rather than just picking one of the well known songs.

It’s a great album – it’s more like two separate albums really than one double album and fans certainly won’t complain.  Another great release from Doro, the metal queen.

Track listing:

Forever Warriors:

1. All for metal
2. Bastardos
3. If I can’t have you – no one will (featuring Johan Hegg)
4. Soldier of metal
5. Turn it up
6. Blood sweat and rock’n’roll
7. Don’t break my heart again
8. Love’s gone to hell
9. Freunde Furs Leben
10. Backstage to heaven (featuring Helge Schneider)

Forever United:

1. Resistance
2. Lift me up
3. Heartbroken
4. It cuts so deep
5. Love is a sin
6. Living life to the fullest
7. 1000 years
8. Fight through the fire

Another great release from Doro, the metal queen.

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