Disconnected Souls – Warring Elements

Disconnected Souls

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On 22 March 2020
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A staggering debut.

Disconnected Souls – Warring Elements

In their biography, Chester/Manchester-based Disconnected Souls aim to achieve three great pillars of music. Electronic, classical and metal but not only have they created the pillars they have built a whole temple to with their very impressive debut EP Warring Elements.

Seven tracks astound with their diversity as it kicks off with ‘Emergence’, an intense keyboard dominated instrumental full of pomp and vigour. It’s a short appetizer for what’s to follow as ‘Divergence‘ crushes with its main riff that backs off briefly to let a haunting vocal arrive. Pummeling kick drums herald a nu-metal like a crunch as the vocals get gnarlier. Twin clean and growled vocals mesh together over a pounding outro.

Oathbreaker’ sees the twin vocals dominate this cathartic number as it musically shifts between techno like keyboards and industrial dynamics. ‘Deviate‘ is a pit opening bluster of wrecking ball riffing and vocal rage offset by almost whispered passages.

Shatter‘ soothes along on a plain of ethereal vocals as it flexes its muscles for a bruising outro. ‘Warring Elements‘ pulses and pounds along on chilling mood swings as a rapped midsection adds another string to its bow as it stutters to a close on a wave of melo-death.

A quirky end to this very impressive debut comes from the bonus track ‘Mischievous Spirits‘. A trance infused instrumental to close a very challenging but rewarding EP and I’m looking forward to seeing how the band progress!


Warring Elements EP track listing:-






Warring Elements

Mischievous Spirits (bonus track)


Disconnected Souls band line up:-

Patrick Lloyd – Harsh/clean vocals.

Holly Royle – Clean vocals/guitar/keyboards.

Matthew Simon Fletcher – Guitar/bass guitar/vocals/keyboards.

Tim Jenkins – Synths/keyboards/guitar.


A staggering debut.

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