Dirty Sound Magnet Release Their Prophetic Music Video Organic Sacrifice

Dirty Sound Magnet Release Their Prophetic Music Video Organic Sacrifice

Swiss alternative rockers Dirty Sound Magnet have released their new music video Organic Sacrifice. The song, that might be called the Corona Blues, is yet another one of Dirty Sound Magnet’s prophetic tracks. The music was written in 2018, the video was shot in October 2019, but the events are taking place right now…

The song depicts a lifeless, tasteless world. The lyrics are ambiguous: are they describing a dystopian near future, or providing a vision of a gloomy present? Yet, the music video intends to convey a positive message.

Organic Sacrifice from their latest album Transgenic (2019)

“In the last few days, as the situation got worse, we edited the music video’s ending in order to end on a positive note. My initial message was more sarcastic, but I guess that the people need some positive energy right now. So this somehow DSM’s hippie moment.  Like the rest of the album TRANSGENIC, the song represents my vision of the present and near future”  – frontman Stavros comments.

Dirty Sound Magnet

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET is a psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland. To members Stavros Dzodzosz (guitar, lead vocals), Marco Mottolini (bass, backing vocals) and Maxime Cosandey (drums, backing vocals), their collective means so much more.  Dirty Sound Magnet is a lifelong pursuit built on a feverish, border-line-religious passion for music and a common set of guiding values and beliefs.

The three state it plainly: “there is no plan B”.  Their dedication is unconditional, unequivocal, and unavoidable. Not one of the members has been engaged in any side projects since the band’s formation a decade ago; Dirty Sound Magnet offers them a musical framework without any boundaries to their creative expression.

The band’s DNA can be traced back to the ancestral ‘Golden Age of Rock’ (60s, 70s), but it would be incorrect to think that DSM is…”retro”. The musicians are inspired by contemporary artists and modern production techniques, pushing the boundaries as they see fit. The results are personal, unique and original.

Simply put: the Dirty Sound Magnet experience is a mystical journey back to the future…

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