Disarm Goliath – Born To Rule

This is the band’s third album and the first full album with Steve ‘The Banshee’ Bell on vocals. This album has been produced by the band and mixed by their own Steve Beville (guitars). The quality of the album really is a credit to the band, if you didn’t know they had done all the work themselves you wouldn’t guess by listening to it. I have heard albums by long established, ‘big’, bands that don’t sound this good. The band sound tight and the mixing is great. You can definitely hear the band’s influences but without trying to just copy their style. This album is a well worth getting hold of for any metal fan.


Rating: 10/10


Line up:


Steve Bell – Vocals

Steve Surch – Bass/Backing vocals

Steve Beville – Guitars

Anthony Ellis – Guitars

Karl Wade – Drums


Track Listing:


  1. Embrace The Abyss
  2. Who Rules The Night
  3. Betrayer
  4. Man Of Sins
  5. Propaganda (Invasion Of Thought)
  6. Born To Rule
  7. Cry Of The Banshee
  8. Raining Steel


Digital Release: 23/04/2012

Physical Release: 27/04/2012 (At the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton)

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