Tribune – Elder Lore / The Dark Arts.

There must be something in the water in Burnaby, Vancouver judging by the creation of this album by  “progressive death metallers”  Tribune. It has more time changes than an Axl Rose tour itinerary! For example, 1st track It Came From The Swamps starts with a croaking frog sample which leads into a death metal vocal bellow followed by Maiden guitar patterns as the vocals change to a Rob Halford delivery which then segue into screams over a Sabbath grind. And this is only in the 1st 3 minutes! Its almost impossible to make notes as there is so many twists and turns throughout the album. Its a very challenging listen but well worth the time taken to do so. 2nd track  The Succubus begins with a Lou Koller ( Sick Of It All ) vocal changing to a Halford/death metal vocal  over Maidenesque guitars. Chemistry Arrives charges in with an old school death metal approach as a thrash metal chug is hammered out at 3 mins in for over a minute, giving in to a churning guitar section into a speed metal finish with some furious drumming. Next track The Warrior Mentality starts with  a melodic twin guitar flourish before being kicked into touch by a Dillinger Escape Plan type frenzy and to add to the diversity a mini drum solo is thrown into the mix 4 minutes in before the song ends in a Sabbath type boogie! Below’s noodling bass intro leads into banshee screams over a chugging riff as the vocals change into James Hetfield territory. Until i saw the band line up, i thought there were 2 vocalists but they are all handled very impressively by Bryan Baker. We, The Black is uptempo with yet more vocal histrionics with some fine footwork from drummer Jason Brown. Man On The Outside’s minute long guitar intro goes into a Living Colour type with a clean vocal delivery before the 2nd half picks up the pace with. Final track The World’s Greatest Cynic rides in on an almost spoken word delivery followed by almost jazz guitar work as more Sabbath type riffs lead into more Lizzy dual guitars, the song ending in a hardcore stomp/Pantera groove.

Tribune were formed in 2004 and Elder Lore / The Dark Arts is there 2nd full length release following the Home Sweet Hell 8 track  e.p from 2005 and Rotting Core 3 track e.p from 2009 and are currently on their debut U.S tour until the end of May. The album was released on March 20th via their independent label Corpse Corrosion Music.


Tribune band line up :-

Bryan Baker- Vocals.

Terry Anderson- Guitars.

Jason Brown- Drums.

Shawn Culley- Guitars.

Ryan O Shea- Bass.


Track Listing :-

It Came From The Swamps.

The Succubus.

Chemistry Arrives.

The Warrior Mentality.


We, The Black.

Man On The Outside.

The World’s Greatest Cynic.


I award the album 8/10.



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