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On 16 October 2021
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A good time is guaranteed by Dig Lazarus from their debut album Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time.

13 tracks? THIRTEEN tracks to review on the debut album Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time from Nuneaton based trio Dig Lazarus! How dare they! I’m only joking as this very impressive release via Rock People Management kept my full attention from start to finish.

‘Sermon’ is a curious opener as it’s a humourous spoken word intro by Jesse Hughes from the Eagles Of Death Metal.

‘Road Runner’ burns up the tarmac in this seismic tub thumper. It’s barroom boogie at its glass smashing, fist fighting in the car park best. It’s a snare drummed snarler that makes it an early album highlight.

‘Never Change’ is all speaker rattling bombast, tribal drum patterns and a huge groove comes from a slowly grinding main riff as catchy but heavy choruses had me humming along to them.

Sugar sweet vocals vie for attention for the spotlight against a boisterous musical early Motorhead like bash throughout ‘Tell Me Why’.

The main riff to ‘Satisfied’ brought to mind ‘Shake Your Foundations’ by AC/DC which is no bad thing. Bass guitar around it glues it all together as it heads out to the highway to a full on headbanger until it ends on an acoustic lilt.

Blink and you’ll miss the raucous rage of ‘Dexter’ as the lyrics are spat out with angst to add venom to an already gnarly song and a snare driven overloaded midsection is ear rattling.

‘DTMWAGT’,the abbreviated album title has quirky rhythms to make for an interesting listen, especially when the dual vocals kick in and it ends on a boisterous bang and a hilarious trombone piece.

Demolition ball like dynamics rattled and hummed my headphones throughout ‘Feel’ as stoner rock like riffs forge their way in this throat grabber.

Get your air guitars ready for the furious opening riff of ‘Joker’ as it settles into an Audioslave like groove with choruses of “Cos I’m a liar and I’m a loser but baby you know I’m a joker to, but the jokes on you!”

They channel their inner Wildhearts for this summer breeze soothing touch of melodic rock that’s chock full of big fat meaty riffs and heart melting vocals in ‘Keep It Clean’.

‘Sky Tonight’ is a sun kissed blast of power pop that has rock radio written all over it, a truly feel good song to keep the rain clouds away.

Powerful heart worn on sleeve lyrics for ‘Outlaw’ make it the deepest track on the album, all pinned down by some monstrous riffing.

This full on album ends with five minutes of near the knuckle intensity that is ‘Time Froze’. It features a guest spot from Ally Dickaty of the Virginmarys. A poignant acoustic intro sets the scene for soul searching lyrics, a Godzilla stomped drum battery and seismic riffing. Job done!

Purchase link to the album and band info are here :- https://www.diglazarus.co.uk I https://www.facebook.com/diglazarusUK I https://www.instagram.com/diglazarus/ I https://twitter.com/Dig_Lazarus I https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI7Ysa0PA8fAguDedbKb_uQ

Dig Lazarus band line up :-

Ash Tustain – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Atticus Hall-McNair – Vocals/Bass Guitar.

Jack Cotterill – Drums/Percussion.

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time album track listing:-

Sermon (Featuring Jesse Hughes).

Road Runner.

Never Change.

Tell Me Why.






Keep It Clean.

Sky Tonight.


Time Froze (Featuring Ally Dickaty).

A good time is guaranteed by Dig Lazarus from their debut album Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time.

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