Devils Henchmen – Control EP.

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Devils Henchmen

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On 24 October 2017
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An earth shaking four songs from up and coming metallers Devils Henchmen.

Once again, the youthful trio Devils Henchmen deliver another high quality EP titled Control that follows their debut 2016 release of EP Hatred. The Liverpool based trio are coming on in leaps and bounds, fronted by lead guitarist/lead vocalist and chief songwriter Joseph Doolan. First track ‘Control’ surges in on a headbanging main riff with the bass guitar from Elliot Kyriakides locking in tight with the hefty drumming from Daniel Adkins. It shifts into mid paced thrash midway, ending on a brief, catchy guitar solo. ‘Rot Away’ grinds and chugs along on doomy riffs on a wave of thundering drum and bass guitar grooves.

‘Rollercoaster’ is almost heavy blues but the riffs still crush! Closing track ‘Darkest Thoughts’, (which is my favourite), has a ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ vibe showing the heavier side of the band and is a strong way to end a very impressive EP with.

Control is available to download now via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Amazon. Physical CD’s can be bought from the band at live shows.

Control track listing :-


Rot Away.


Darkest Thoughts.

Devils Henchmen band line up :-

Joseph Doolan – Lead guitar/lead vocals.

Danny Adkins – Drums/backing vocals.

Elliot Kyriakides – Bass guitar.






An earth shaking four songs from up and coming metallers Devils Henchmen.

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